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An extremely rough and incomplete list of computers that will need pages created over time.

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Custom All New 98

20th Anniversary Windows XP Build

Custom Tiny Pentium

Custom 486

Custom QX9650

Custom Core 2 Duo

Custom i9

Custom server

Custom VGA Capture

Custom Nova Star

Custom Threadripper 2950X

Custom Test Bench

Custom-ish PC-104 486-DX100

Generic Some Athlon budget PC

Acer Aspire One

Apple Macbook Pro 13"

Apple Macbook (White post-G4)

Apple iBook M6411 Blue

Apple Powerbook 1400c/166

Apple Powerbook G4 (1GHz G4 15.2-512-60GB-SD-56k) - A1025)

Apple IIe Platinum

Apple Macintosh II

Apple Macintosh SE FDHD

Apple Classic II

Apple G4 iMac

Apple IIGs

Apple Plus

Apple Lisa

Apple TAM

Apple XServe

Asus Eee PC 1005HAB

Atari 400

Atari 800

Atari 800XL

Atari 600

Atari 520ST

Atari XE65

Atari XE130

Atari XEGS


Coleco Adam

Commodore VIC-20

Commodore 64C

Commodore PET 4032-12

Compaq Persario

Compaq Persario (slightly different similar model)

Compaq Portable

Compaq Portable III

CompuPro 8/16

Daphin DTR-1

Data General Nova 4/X

Data General Micro Nova

Dell Dimension 2400

Dell Inspiron 3500

Dell Inspiron 14"? ?(late XP era)

Dell Inspiron 9300

Dell Inspiron ?(mid XP era)

Dell Xeon Workstation

Dell Optiplex GX1

Gateway 2000 Liberty

Gateway G6-333

Gateway FMC-901

HP Pavilion ? (black and round and dead)

HP That weird little grey round one

HP Pavilion Dv7 (centrino and 9600gt I believe)

HP 85

HP 86A

HP 9836C

HP DL360 G4

HP DL380 G4

HP DL580 G7

HP Pavilion Media Center (something blue)

HP Z820

IBM 5150

IBM 5160


IBM PS/2 Model 70

IBM Thinkpad T20

IBM Thinkpad 365XD

IBM Thinkpad ?

IMSAI 8080

Micron Millennia

MSI Apache Pro 12

MSI Z87-G55? i5 desktop


Ollivetti M24(But actually AT&T6300)

Panasonic ? (Japanese W95 Laptop)

TI metal 99/4a

TI beige 99/4a

Sinclair Z81

Sinclair ZX81+

Sharp PC-7000

Sharp HC-4500

Sony Slimtop

Toshiba T1600

Toshiba ? (Mid XP era, chunky and blue)

Toshiba 55CT

Toshiba 420CDT

TRS-80 Model 1

TRS-80 Model 100

TRS-80 Model 4

TRS-80 CoCo (64k)

TRS-80 CoCo 2

TRS-80 CoCO 3

TRS-80 Micro Color Computer

Tandy 1000

Tandy 1000SX

Tandy 1000TX

Timex Sinclair 1000

Valve Steam Deck

Vtech Laser 128