HP 98625 Disc Interface

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HP 98625 Disc Interface
General Info
Manufacturer HP
Condition Working
Model Number 98625

HP disc interface card for HP Series 200 computers, adds ability to boot from CS80 drives.

Requires HP 98620A DMA Controller to work.

A note, HP calls this a "Disc" interface despite the common standard of "Disk" being used for magnetic media like the Floppy Drives, Hard Drives, and Tape Drives it is meant to be used with. For consistency with existing documentation relating to this device I use "Disc" terminology where applicable.

Setup Notes

To access drives connected to the card you will need to load at least the CS80 and FHPIB bin files from the "Drives" disk from the BASIC system you are booting from. DCOMM may also be needed or other files, I have not fully tested the minimum requirements or looked for documentation on it. I currently do not know how to access drives from Pascal.